Rochester's Extraordinary Storyloom


The Story Museum



Broad Street


Commissioned by Arts Council Southeast, Modern Art Oxford, with Oxfordshire City Councils. Produced by Simon Chatterton.

Luminox was a three night event in March 2007 to celebrate 1000 years of Oxfordshire. Dewan's bamboo "Spire" sculpture was the centrepiece of the fire garden created by Nantes-based Compagnie Carabosse. The immersive installation took over Oxford's Broad Street, perhaps the most iconic public space in the UK outside London, and a logistically sensitive one. The 70-foot bamboo sculpture had a firepit hanging from the top, which acted as a pendulum, ticking out 1000 cycles each of the three evenings. 25000 people attended and many talk about the transformative nature of the event.

Philip Selway

The Weatherhouse

Radiohead drummer, Philip Selway, commissioned Dewan for the total design of his sophomore solo album, including the building and photography of the sculptures. Philip was actively involved with the design process. Materials were all sourced from a scrapyard, and photos were shot at Radiohead's studio. A gatefold CD, vinyl, and singles covers were created for the project.

Cyclemas Tree

Gloucester Green