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Bing began as a series of cult books for toddlers and their parents & carers, published in 2003-2004 by legendary Oxford-based David Fickling Books (DFB), edited by David Fickling himself. The books were largely created in the cellar of the DFB office on Beaumont Street, Oxford.

photo © Achuka

The original eight Bing books. Two more books were completed but never published. Bing books are now published by HarperCollins

Ten years later, the TV adaptation was first broadcast on the BBC. It's grown to become their No. 1 show across their entire children's offering, winning multiple awards including an International Emmy and a BAFTA nomination. Ted worked as developer, designer, and screenwriter for London-based Acamar Films, working with Tandem Films in London and Brown Bag Films in Dublin. It featured the voice of Oscar-Award and multiple Tony-Award-winner Mark Rylance as "Flop".

Bing gang.jpg

Image © Acamar Films

Ted is currently developing Oroboro, his next animated series for children, yet to be announced in the trade press. He is working with many of the same people who created Bing.

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